About Us

Suraj Enterprises founded in 1991 offers a wide range of Instrumentation Fittings, Valves Manifolds and other distinctive products. We have steadily built our core expertise from more than two decades of experience, acquired new skills and the latest tools in technology and research to achieve an everlasting growth by enhancing the magnitude, scale and quality of business.

We design, manufacture, and deliver an expanding range of the highest quality Instrumentation Fitting products and solutions.

We drive proactive solutions through dedicated, market-focused business units, a lean manufacturing structure, and a responsive work unit.

Most importantly we deliver knowledge, resources, innovations, and value to customers worldwide .

Suraj Enterprises renders its products and services to any kind of business – big or small enables us to offer niche products appropriate to a wide variety of clients.

Our approach towards business is clearly defined with Openness, honesty, hard work, dedication and the urge for constant excellence and customer satisfaction is the secret behind our success.

Our Features

  • POLICIES & OBJECTIVES set 'top management'
  • Understanding of customer's requirements with a view to achieve CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
  • Improved internal and external Conmuniations
  • Clear responsibilities and authorities argeed for all staff
  • Improved use of time and resources
  • Greater consistency and traceability of products and services
  • Improved morale and motivation
  • Customer confidence, Satisfaction and TRUST
  • Levvel of Assurance in Organisational QUALITY
  • Organisational PROFITABILITY
  • Ability to Differentiate Organisation for Competitive Advantage
  • Organisational Credibility & Reputation